A range of small and large spaces will be available for hire. Spaces are suitable to a diversity of activities including rehearsals, classes, sports, performances, exhibitions, music, photo shootings and celebrations.

For bookings and price enquiries please contact:

Liam Morrisey

Spaces for hire at THE ALBERT,
1 Albert Road:

Function room 1:

Size: 11mx7m
Extras: bar, stage
Cpacity: 220 people (max)

Function room 2:
Size: 15mx11m
150 people (max)

Outside space:
Space for a market and events

Spaces for hire at THE ALBERT/HUB,
5 Albert Road

Sports hall:
Size: 21mx12m
Capacity: 300 people (max)

Professional kitchen:

Size: 6mx5m

Dining area / meeting space:
Size: 19mx7m (approx)
Extras: tables and chairs
Capacity: 150 people

Studio spaces:
Size: 7mx5m

Arts room with kiln:
Size: 6.5mx5m

Outside spaces:
Sports court
Green space

FUCNTION ROOM 1: stage, bar, seating and tables
Capacity: max. 220
FUNCTION ROOM 2: during refurbishment (max capicity 150)
SPORTS HALL (max capacity 220)
Image by Alex Taibel, D+D dinner and dancin event

Image by Alex Taibel, D+D dinner and dancin event

The Albert CANTEEN AND KITCHEN (max capacity 150)
The Albert pool and bar can be hired for events and performances