Grove Road orchard

dates: 2017
commissioned by: London Borough of Waltham Forest
budget: £30K
part of: mini Holland
image credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News

Human Streets, The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, three years on
DfT ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy
Mayor’s Transport Strategy, June 2017

Working in collaboration with the Mini Holland team, what if: projects have prepared the general layout, consultation drawings and detailed design for the closure of Grove Road outside the Walthamstow Registry Office for car traffic. Trees and wilflower planting were informed and are maintained by local residents.

Image: Cyclists pass through a closure in Grove Road installed in conjunction with the London Borough of Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland scheme and Enjoy Waltham Forest programme. (Ref. JF54N1 London, UK. 29th June, 2017. )