dates: 2004-2005
commissioned by: Slough Borough Council, Art at the Centre
related: Hatfield car park

Legwork promotes walking and cycling as cheap, environmentally friendly, fast and healthy ways of travelling in Slough. Four elements were developed to kick-start the process of change in the Centre of Slough: Go on, Cycle, Park, Kiosk

The Kiosk is a mobile 3-12.5sqm business starter unit that can be located on pavements, in car parks or left over spaces. It encourages the presence of local small-scale individual businesses in the Centre of Slough dominated by large chains and the shopping centres.

The multistory car parks in the centre of Slough provide a generous 10m2 of parking space for every resident but most of these existing car parks aren’t used to their full capacity. Could the currently unoccupied space be used temporarily? Possibilities were explored as part of the Hatfield car park pilot project.