Plant Room

dates: 2008-2009
location: East Road (A1200), N1
commission: Shoreditch Trust (2008-2009)

Plant Room was a space for growing and socialising created on a left over site with a large billboard on East Road in Hoxton.

During the summer of 2008 200 terracotta pots were allocated to 45 local residents for growing flowers and herbs. Pots were placed in shelves that enclosed the space and sheltered the site from the busy road.

This triangular shaped site located adjacent to a busy road and at the edge of a large housing estate was over-grown with vegetation and attracted rubbish dumping and other anti-social behaviour. In 2008, What if were commissioned by Shoreditch Trust to transform the site into a community space. The space was conceived as a room, with walls created from vertically stacked plants, protecting the inside from the noise and pollution of the traffic.

The garden was commissioned as a temporary intervention and closed when the site was sold in 2009. Since then it has been developed into housing.

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