The Albert

dates: Sept 2012–Sept 2013
commissioned by: London Borough of Brent
budget: £50K
funding: Kilburn Trust, Cayalyst Housing

The Albert meanwhile project was a playful temporary intervention in South Kilburn/Queenspark, an area of high multiple-deprivation undergoing rapid change – a temporary venue for arts and communities. For 232 days project provided a work base for over sixty artists, performers, choreographers, cooks, architects, product designers, photographers, carpenters, therapists, producers, curators with many more using space on a weekly or ad-hoc basis.

With ‘Health and Wellbeing’ as the main theme, the project and it’s participants hosted and facilitated a diverse program of events including sports, performances, art, cooking, woodwork, food growing, play, writing, private celebrations and more. The Albert explored a different model of a community centre that combined art venue, studios and sports with village hall functions. The contributions that art, music, performances and cultural activities such as gardening, sports and eating make to the quality of life in the city were played out across a series of spaces: Albert 5 with a canteen, 21 studios and a sports hall; Albert 1 the main performance and exhibition venue and the village green with a sports pitch. Spaces were open each day of the week and attracted a diverse and multi-cultural group of people to the events, workshops and spaces for socialising. The Albert, Hunt&Darton