The Travelling Shed

dates: March/April 2006
commission: Surrey Arts 2005, part of Garden Journey exhibition at Polesden Lacey
press/publication: Surviving the Suburb, publication by Gregor Harbusch, Martin Luce, Ton Matton, Wim Timmermans
Rotterdam 2008
ISBN 978-90-5973-090-8
review: Independent on Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vacant Lot
Vacant Lot@ Louis Vuitton
Food Factories
Plant Room
Facing East
Tomato House

Each inhabitant of the UK consumes the resources of 6 hectares per year on average – the equivalent of 200x300m.

Each our ecological footprint is about 800 times the size of the average back garden in Surrey.60.000m2 is the area needed to produce the resources you consume, and to absorb your waste. The earth’s available land shared evenly between the global population means that you get 18.000 m2 – space that also needs to accommodate non-human species. This is the average budget available for sustainable living – using more implies ecological overload. If every country had Britain’s level of consumption we would need not one world but 3.1 worlds to cope with the demand.

Do we consider the origin of our food, how our energy is produced, where our waste goes, where water comes from or drains to. For 3 weeks the Shed advertised the beauty of a productive plot or a wildlife habitat in property development style. Don’t mow it, grow it!

In March 2006 a shed from a Surrey garden appeared in the shopping centre of Farnham, Esher and Staines where free digital garden make-overs were offered to local residents.