Lea Bridge Road: quiet way

dates: 2015
commissioned by: London Borough of Waltham Forest
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Architect of the Year Awards 2016, infrastructure (shortlist)
New London Architecture Award 2016, transport & infrastructure (winner)
The proposed quiet way along Lea Bridge Road connects the Lee Valley Park to Epping Forest and provides a dramatically improved walking and cyle enviornment along the highstreet that lies between these ancient landscapes. what if: projects have developed proposals that seek to introduce natural qualities of the marshes and the forest to the public realm of Lea Bridge Road. Special moments and a series of places along the cycle superhighway create links to its hinterland of marshes, leisure activities, industries and residential use.
The public consultation for Lea Bridge Road closed in December 2015. Proposals generated a lively discussion. The majority of people welcome the plans for the improvements they will bring to the living quality along this major transport corridor.

Quotes, Commonplace:

“You are turning an urban motorway into a place of beauty – this is inspirational”

” A good balance between the needs of pedestrian, cyclist and motorist. Very impressive plans.”

“This is a great opportunity, I currently would not think about stopping at one of the shops or having something to eat at one of the restaurants on Lea Bridge Rd, it’s just a fume filled thoroughfare taking you somewhere that’s nicer. Once the works are completed it will be great to stop and have a bite to eat or get groceries.”

“If traffic is ultimately reduced, the air quality around the school will also improve, which will be a positive benefit to the kids and other local residents.”