Orford Road

dates: 2014-ongoing
commissioned by:
London Borough of Waltham Forest
budget: £625K
mini Holland
Lea Bridge Road online consultation
Human Streets, The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, three years on
DfT ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy
Mayor’s Transport Strategy, June 2017
Orford Road on ITV “Frustrated Britain”
RICS awards 2017 (winner)
Architect of the Year Awards 2016, infrastructure (shortlisted)

New London Architecture Award 2016, transport & infrastructure (winner)
Civic Trust Award 2017 (shortlisted)

Working in collaboration with the Mini Holland team, what if: projects have prepared the general layout, consultation drawings and detail design for Orford Road and East and West Avenu Bridge in Walthamstow. Bollards are designed to double up as e.g. signage, playful objects and seating, creating links to the surrounding landscapes. Tree planting, greening and bike parking are introduced where possible.

Orford Road is referred to as a good practice example in the recently published ‘Human Streets – The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, three years on‘(March 2016); and is a case study in the DfT ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy’ (March 2016).

“Orford has been jam packed with people today. Outside dining, drinking and general meandering. Car free is care free.” Tweet by Bill Foster, 08.08.2015

“Walked instead of drove to station this morning through village for first time in two years. Too hectic before.” Tweet by Angeolina, 27.08.2015

“So nice to walk round the village with kids now, even in the rain.” Tweet by Gwilym, 26.08.2015

“Walthamstow Village Mini Holland scheme: an example of good design that works for all users” Human Streets, The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, three years on, March 2016