WHAT' ON IN 2013    
MAY spaces at The Albert for socialsing and eating  
The Albert café

The Albert café will be open daily Monday to Saturday 12-4pm and The Albert team of cooks will serve affordable yet delicious lunches and cakes.

The Albert team of cooks include:
Lara Fara
Lorraine Wood
Norman loves soup (Jenny and Kate)
Spice Caravan
Sonia Robinson

"Punch and Juicy" is now at The Albert
The bar is serving freshly pressed juices by the pool and at the entrance to the sports hall.
The juice bar will be open daily during the week.

Plot to plate food growing project

The growing season is starting and there are still some spaces left at the Albert food growing project. Sign up for your growing plot at The Albert or contact Liam Morrisey.

Contact: liam@thealbert.org.uk
Sign up: 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT

For more information refer to: VACANT LOT allotment project`

Join THE ALBERT on facebook

MAY art, performances, music, events  

Every Monday
form 8.30pm

The Gathering
Free-Improv Open Music Sessions

The Gathering is a floating population of improvisers in various media but mostly music.

Gatherings are unstructured and non-conceptual, about collective interplay rather than jamming, although in practice it is open to go anywhere, depending on who with what influences are actually present at the time, ever changing anyway.

As The Gathering was founded 24 years ago by Maggie Nicols, dancer and vocalising performer extraordinaire. We welcome vocalists, dancers and players of any instrument. We also enjoy the presence of visual and spontaneous performance artists.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free (donation only).
Hope you'll join us soon.

Where: 1 Albert Road, NW6 5DT


Thursdays in May

Farm drop at The Albert Café

To order and for more info contact:www.farmdrop.co.uk

Where: 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT


Sunday, 5 May

The Aesthetics of Taste

by Claudio Beghelli

How does your environment affect your sense of taste? Does what you see, hear or smell have an impact on how you perceive flavour? Is taste truly subjective, and does your personal knowledge or experience impact how you respond to sensory stimuli?

Join Claudio Beghelli on an immersive wine tasting journey exploring the relationship between synesthesia and your judgement of taste.
The Aesthetics of Taste is presented as part of Spork Food Monthly, an experience-sharing series on food and culture.
Claudio Beghelli is a wine connoisseur, a performer and gastronomer. He is currently undertaking a research degree that looks to implement food as a commodity in performance. Claudio has been working cross-culturally within the field of gastronomy both as a performer and as a hospitality freelance reviewer across Europe.

Cost: £20, £15 concessions
Where: Canteen, Albert Road 5, NW6 5DT
More info


7-12 May

Utopia is a direction
A solo exhibition of new work by Gareth Barnett completed during his artist residency at The Albert.

Utopia Is Not A Destination, Utopia Is A Direction is the debut solo exhibition by Gareth Barnett who has previously exhibited in the Moscow International Young Artist Biennial 2012 and has been featured in Dazed and Confused (February 2013).

This residency ties in with an ongoing exploration of architecture and the urban environment. Barnett says "My work re-examines town planning and architecture within the context of a utopian ideology, which is imbued in the fabric of post-war buildings. I love the raw physicality of Brutalist architecture and am fascinated by the concept of Utopia especially now that the very act of dreaming, or considering a brighter future has become, in itself, an act of nostalgia."

Drawing on ideas from the Situationist International movement Barnett's explores the urban environment though a Psycho-geographical approach, hinting at untold narratives, investigating the site of NW6 5DT as a futuristic archeological ruin. For this exhibition Barnett is presenting a combination of painting, sculpture, collage and 35mm slide's all completed between February and May 2013.

Where: 1 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: hello@garethbarnett.co.uk.

More info: www.garethbarnett.co.uk


11-12 May
Evening performances 7-11pm

Ov London - Art of the Moment festival

Art of the Moment is a celebration of cross-disciplinary improvisation, aiming to dissolve the barriers between movement, music and visuals. It promise to be a giant living score, a seedbed for sonic territories to cross-pollinate with dance and visuals to create spontaneous textural and physical landscapes.

An all star cast of improvisers is contributing to the weekend’s events, totalling scores of dancers and visual artists and thirty five or so musicians. Place Prize finalists h2dance – accessible, political, amusing producers of cutting-edge dance theatre will open up their studio to offer a glimpse of their working practice while prominent UK-based independent dance artists Antonio de la Fe and Lavinia Cascone lead movement and improvisation workshops.

Musicians include Tuba man Oren Marshall whose previous collaborations include Radiohead and Charlie Haden, experimental vocal artist Maggie Nicols who along with Robert Wyatt sang in Keith Tippet’s 50 piece band Centipede and Phil Minton, who was once described by comedian Stewart Lee as an artist whose “deep-throated drones and shreds of garbled half-language would have seen Minton either burnt or hailed as an emissary of God” in the not so distant past.

During the day times and at the Saturday night after party a line up of DJs and VJs on the current UK scene making live A/V shows including Matt Black of Ninja Tune/Coldcut, Mr Faff, The Evil Zed and Alphabets Heaven.

Many of the artists featured on the bill are running workshops and interactive installations during the day. It’s a festival where ticket holders can get involved in what’s happening, a chance to get to grips with the new Ninja Jamm app, learn about live cinema, paint with music, listen to a dance piece, or become a tape-loop troubadour!

Tickets start at £7 per session
(Residents of the borough of Brent can participate in daytime events for free)
Buy tickets here

Where: 1- 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: art@ovlondon.co.uk
Day £7/£4 conc, evening £8/£6 conc, combined £12/10

More info: www.ovlondon.co.uk

Art of the Moment Festival Preview at London Dance

11 May

Free go-carting for children living in NW6

Where: Sports hall, 1 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: Sara Panegarda,
M. 07947646585
16 May


SEED Café is a social gathering and aims to connect women, empowering them with tools and a network to make a positive difference in their lives, community and the world.

Where: 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Caren Owen
18 May

Brasilian Music Night - live music (free)

Come hear the music that makes Brasil swing. Tribo mix cocktail of carnival rhythms and tribal beats.

Where: 1 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
When: Saturday 18th Mayl, 8pm-1am
Tickets: FREE
21-27 May

Pistols and Pollinators exhibition

Private View
Thursday 23rd May 2013
6 - 10.30pm

Open Daily 12 - 6pm
23rd - 27th May
Open Mic 27th May 3 - 6pm

This exhibition is the result of 15 artists and 15 poets working in collaborative partnerships without rules or restrictions.

The arts project Accident & Emergence and poet Katrina Naomi selected the pairs, who have spent 3 months experimenting and creating new works including; live performances, videos, paintings and installations.

Pistols & Pollinators asks questions and provokes discussion about creative process and practice, and explores the pitfalls and possibilities of collaboration as a mode of production and inspiration for art and poetry.

A special P&P blog accompanies the project, and features articles about collaboration, art, poetry and interviews with participants.

More info: pistolsandpollinators.wordpress.com

Image credit: Nina Ogden, Laica

Where: 1 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: accidentandemergence@gmail.com

Sunday 19 May

Food & Games Night

Calling all Monopoly champions, Scrabble savants and Connect-4 commandos! Spork is pleased to present Food & Games Night, a monthly evening of nostalgic, low-key, family-friendly fun. Featuring hearty homemade fare and an impressive selection of board games. Bring your buddies or come on your own for some good old-fashioned friend-making.

Cost: free to play + a cheap food menu
Where: Canteen, 1 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT


MAY workshops / projects  

Every Monday and Tuesday at The Albert

Free professional portraits by Maya Glaser

Shoot will take 15-20 minutes

Call, email or just pop in for more information or to book your shoot

Where: Photo Studio, 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: Maya Glaser
Tel: 07984 617983

Wednesdays at The Albert

RED ROOM theatre is looking for participants for: THE POVERTY PROJECT


Have you lost your job? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you claiming benefits? Have the benefit cuts affected you?

If "yes" to any of these questions, we would like to hear from you.

The Red Room, an award-winning Theatre and Film Comapany is making a professional theatre production to be performed in Brent. If you have a story to tell it will go toward making this happen. Interested?

To find out more please visit: THE RED ROOM
Contact Loubna: admin@theredroom.org.uk
The Red Room is based at The Albert, studio 14 on Wednesdays.

"While poverty persists there is no true freedom. Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.

"And overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. Massive-poverty and obscene inequality are such terrible scourges of our times - times in which the world boasts breathtaking advances in science, technology, industry and wealth accumulation - but they rank alongside slavery and apartheid as social evils."



The Albert school

The Albert School on Sundays emerged from a longstanding and fruitful collaboration between a qualified teacher of science and mathematics, and a professional artis, both based in London. The school comes as a platform where one could project and instil in young people ideals of humanity and education, where skilfulness is passed on from teacher to pupils as a trait of enrichment, where knowledge is conveyed for the fulfilment of their personality.

The one hour long sessions cover the key topics of the National Curriculum for KS4 (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IGCSE) & KS5 Physics and Maths.

Drop in for one or several of our unique GCSE Maths and Science Classes.

Parents are welocme for discussions after school.

Where: Studio 14, 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Booking is required in advance by email: schoolofalbert@gmail.com
Tel: 07875724079


Sundays (not on Sunday 5th May)

Weekly cooking workhsop

The National Algerian Centre offesr you a unique culinary rendez-vous to celebrate Algeria’s flavours!
Our workshops will give you the exclusive opportunity to cook, prepare traditional and tantalizing food with our highly skilled NAC Chefs, and for all to meet, exchange skills and taste delicacies!

Bring along family and friends for a great time!

Cost: £8

Where : 5 Albert Rd North West London, NW6 5DT
Register your interest on our website: www.nationalalgeriancentre.com
Or for further information contact: contact@nationalalgeriancentre.com
Tel. 0844 27 27 6 27


Thursdays starting on 02.05.

The Albert Children's Choir
A Singing and Moving Choir

Choreographer Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard (h2dance) and composer Sylvia Hallett are starting The Albert Children's Choir, a distincitve creative movment choir for children aged 9 to 11.
This is a unique opportunity for your child to express themselves through voice and movment in fun and imaginative sessions led by the choreographers and the composer. The course will culminate in a performance of the company's critically acclaimed performance SAY SOMETHING, where the children will perform alongside professional dancers.

Performance date: Thursday 27th June 2013
Course price for 9 sessions: £20
Where: Sports Hall, 5 Albert Rd North West London, NW6 5DT
Contact: Hanna Gillgren hann@h2dance.com

h2dance are in the Place Prize Finals 17th - 27th April.



Saturday 04.05.
Sunday 5.05.
Saturday 18.05.
Sunday 19.05.

Have your portrait taken by photographer Eileen Perrier

Eileen Perrier has set up a Photographic Studio at The Albert, on allocated dates between 25th February and 19th May 2013.
Eileen would liek to invite the general public, living, working or passing by the studios to have their photgraph taken at alloted times.
A collection fo the portraits taken by Eileen will go on display within the premises of The Albet while the project develops.
All participants will be invited back and presented with their protrait at the end of the project as a thank you for taking part in this community project.

Eileen was born in the area and would like to celebrate the eclectic community which is on a cross roads with Queens Park and South Kilburn-Brent and Westminster.

If you are interested in participating then please contact Eileen to book your session.

Photographer: Eileen Perrier
Where: Photo Studio, 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT
Contact: eileen.g.perrier@gmail.com

T. 07930282610


start Friday 10 May 2013, 4.00-5.30pm
Friday 24th May 2013,

Textile Group for Adults

Come and join an informal group of likeminded people and work on your own project in a creative, supportive and inspiring environment. Although the emphasis will be on individual work, some people may wish to seize the opportunity for collaboration or even a bit of skill sharing. Bring something you're already working on or the materials to start something new.

When: Workshop will run twice a month starting on Friday 10 May 2013 - 4.00-5.30pm
Number of places: 8
Cost: Free
Where: 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT - Room TBC
Workshops are run by artist: Zoe Landau Konson
To book a place please contact: zoeelle@sky.com

Workshops will run twice a month on a Friday - 11am - 1pm:
10 and 24 May
7 and 21 June
12 and 26 July

For more information about Zoe - www.zoeelle.com

Sunday 12.05.13
Sunday 26.05.13


Drawing classes

The aim of this course is to teach anyone who has always had an interest in drawing the practical skills they need to get started.
In these classes you will be introduced to the different elements of drawing. You will explore drawing through a range of mark making methods, by looking at the drawings of contemporary artists and through friendly discussion over a cup of tea.

Time: 11:00-13:00
Number of places: 10
Cost: £2.50 (to cover the cost of materials)
Where: The Art Room at The Albert, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Classes are run by: Máire Byrne-Gascon

To book a place email: mbyrne257@hotmail.com

Sunday 05.05.13
Sunday 19.05.13

2pm - 3.30pm

Art & Writing Sundaes

for adults

When: every second Sunday
starting on Sunday 13th January 2013, 2pm - 3.30pm
Age group: adults
How much: free
Where: art room, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Run by artist and writer: Susan Finlay


More info

Wednesday 29.05.13


Turning Junk to gold

art workshop for kids

Age group: 8-13
Number of places: 10
Cost: free
When: everylast Wednesday of the month
Where: art room, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Run by artist: Clare Lewis

To book a place contact: info@clare-lewis.co.uk
Or call: 07903327038

More info

MAY sports, well being  

Monday 15.04.13


Chinese medicine: community clinic (free)

Course teaching acupuncture, tui na and massage therapy. The use of
sinew meridians to treat pain, allergies and skin conditions. It will
involve plenty of practical applications of massage techniques and sinew
stretches as well as time to bring your difficulties over the 3 sessions we
have together.

Where: studio 14, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
With: Tim Sullivan
Contact: tim@communityclinic.com


Mondays in May


Free football 16+

with: Anthony Collier
Cost: free
Where: Sports Hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT

  Mondays in May (except 6th May)

Kickboxing and boxing
for adults

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Des
M. 07960459586
Cost: £2.50 per sesssion

Tuesdays in May

£1 per session

Free baketball 16+

with: Max Graef
Cost: £1 per session
Where: Sports Hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT


Tuesdays in May


Yoga classes

with Susanne Thomas
Where: Studio 11, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
More info

  Wednesdays in May

Little Kickers

Football training

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Ritchie Ross-Forrester
Email: rrf@littlekickers.co.uk


Wednesdays in April

Netball for girls
16+ (free)
Ladies 16+

A new recreational netball and dance club for women looking to get (back) into the game, into their bodies, and into dancing.

Each week we will warm up together, work on our fitness and practise netball skills and drills, play a game, and do some full-bodied dancing before warming down. The sequence in which we do these things will vary week to week.

Bring trainers and make sure your nails are not long (can be dangerous during play). Changing facilities are available in the building.
Venue: Sports Hall, The Albert, 5 Albert Rd, Queen’s Park, London NW6 5DT. Map.

Sign up or drop-in.

Contact Flora Wellesley Wesley: flora@hirudance.org
Cost: Suggested donation £2 towards equipment and space hire

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT


Thursdays in May

Kickboxing and boxing
for adults

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Des
M. 07960459586
Cost: £10 per sesssion

  Thursdays in May (starting on 16th May)

for adults

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Kofi Sampaney
Email: kofisampaney@gmail.com
M. 07960459586
  Saturdays in May

Little Kickers
Football training

Where: sports hall, 5 Albert Road, London NW6 5DT
Contact: Ritchie Ross-Forrester
Email: rrf@littlekickers.co.uk